Are We Bloggers?

To be honest, we aren’t sure.  We certainly aren’t writers; but we absolutely have opinions. We started The Mondrian Shift because we have a style point of view and we wanted to share it with everyone. But, the best way to do that is still a work in progress for us. In a sea full of aspiring fashion business people, we are but two gals joining the fray but we truly believe that there is room for everyone. That’s why we continue to go for it. 

Yes, Sarah is still pregnant in this photo but it's from one of our fave shoots so I couldn't help but repost it!

Before we started TMS, Sarah & I just loved clothes and everything associated with the wide world of fashion. From styling our own wardrobes, to watching the premiere houses as well as discovering the contemporary, edgy new designers on their way up, we couldn't get enough. Of course, we also followed those incredible fashion frontrunners in this crazy online Instaworld-Bloggosphere. And again, quite honestly, we pined to become a part of it all.  Both of our careers are daily focused on beautiful things; Sarah as a stylist and me as a private jeweler. When Sarah said she wanted to start a fashion blog and asked if I’d do it with her, my first instinct was a very real NO. My crippling fear of the camera was not something I thought would translate well to a business fueled by photos! But also, my heart was singing YES. A chance to concentrate my efforts in an area of real passion with a friend whom I consider both incredibly stylish and as ambitious as me? It was a no-brainer. I was IN. 

In the short year that we’ve been at it, the learning curve has been steep. Each week’s photos are a new step up as we learn to showcase our disparate personal styles for our growing audience while keeping it interesting and new. It’s still fun (a must when starting a venture like this) and it’s still hard (much harder than we thought it would be). The challenge is what drives us. 

Here’s where we struggle...

Just because we love fashion and are anxious to parlay our taste + our skills into a full-fledged business, does that make us bloggers? When we started The Mondrian Shift Instagram feed we thought we HAD to have an accompanying website with some form of story alongside the photos in order to legitimize ourselves. And yet, there has been no bigger hump to overcome than writing about our style. Despite our efforts to be disciplined, it’s been the one area we’ve faltered. Um...note that we haven’t blogged since August 2018!  

It’s not that we don’t have what to say. To know either of us is to know that that is not possible! 

Too cute, right?

The bottom line is that we don’t JUST want to tell you about the clothes on our backs. We don’t JUST want to tag a bunch of designers; though to be clear, paying homage to the amazingly talented people who dream up the fashions we cover and covet is an honour. We just want MORE.

The visual nature of Instagram has actually become our voice-without-words; and for now, that seems enough. You watch us via photos and stories as we style ourselves within our lives. You see our beautiful (though currently very snowy) city of Montreal in addition to our travel destinations. You see us as we transition between the seasons and you see us as we develop our ever-changing personal styles...because yes, stylish people are forever growing. No words could tell that story more accurately- we think. What we’ve found to be most engaging across all the online platforms has been honesty. Sincerity. So to that end, we’re giving you that here. Maybe our blog is our space to dream aloud. To tell you what we hope The Mondrian Shift will bring in the future. We’re dreaming big, to be sure. Maybe here is where we build that roadmap. 

So, stick with us, Shifters! **Can that please be a thing going forward?** We’re Mondrian Shift-ing every day and hope you’ll be there to see us do it. 


See what's over there? Its the bright future of The Mondrian Shift! ; )

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