Fashions fade, style is eternal. -YSL

Welcome to The Mondrian Shift!

Here we are, pretending that it isn’t a bazillion degrees below freezing. It’s sunny so there’s that. And we have fiery red & hot fuchsia pink to keep us (slightly) warm. Bottom line, there’s just no stopping us. To be clear, there’s no stopping us when it comes to fashion. There’s plenty stopping us from other things, like emptying the dishwasher, getting the car washed and other assorted trivialities that have no bearing on being chic.

After all, isn’t being chic a perfectly logical raison d’être? We certainly think so.

On the left, meet Sarah. Blonde. Creative. Forward-thinking. Bold. She’s on top of what’s hot in fashion and she’s not afraid to wear it. She’ll always be the most fabulous gal in the room. Every time. Promise.

**Oh, and also, she’s doubly fabulous these days…baby on board!!

On the right, meet Vivi. Blonde. Inspired by the fashion icons & classics but focused on the future of both. She shops her mother’s vintage closet as often as the stores to create her unique point of view while pairing the two.

We’re not intent on re-inventing the wheel (hello, ferris wheel imagery…see what we did there?). We’re intent on being us and putting it all out there.

Today is International Women’s Day and we couldn’t think of a more appropriate way to celebrate than by launching our inaugural post showcasing our lives; laughing, working , playing and being just vain enough to think you’d want to watch us as we do it!

In a nod to our ever-favourite designer, M. Yves Saint Laurent, welcome to: The Mondrian Shift. Prepare to be dazzled!

We think we’re chic. We hope you do too.



I paired a tomato-red club Monaco skirt with fushia Nine West t-strap pumps to complement Vivi's epic blazer. As luck would have it, the skirt is lined with the perfect YSL tribute color too!

To top it off, my favorite black leather jacket and rabbit fur vest by La Fée Verte... could’ve been cute belted too.


I mean, how else to complement Sarah’s “Rive Gauche” red than with the appropriate pairing of fushia. Who could ever forget that perfect gridded logo?!? I have Ungaro to thank for this incredible peplumed jacket. Does the rest of the outfit even matter?

H&M side-laced black jeans and Tory Burch booties complete the look. And peaking out, the perfect little red Alexander Wang bag.

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