Nothing Boring About Summer Neutrals

Updated: Jul 30, 2018

Leave it to the flowers to be colourful, the grass to be green and the skies to be blue. Sometimes, summer temps call for the calming tone of neutrals such as beige and grey. Besides, even when our tans are just getting started, a good basic neutral shade sets off what little glow we have going by now.

Sarah and I don’t often post pics of us together. Part of our vibe with The Mondrian Shift is how fun it is to put together the blog given that when one of us is in front of the camera, the other is behind it, styling and framing the other’s looks. It’s what makes working together so fun!

This week, however, we had the gift of Sarah’s father’s incredible camera skills to support us (Merci, Franklin!!) as we soaked in some early summer sun.

But back to fashion…

Naturally, every spring, the stores and boutiques load up on bright colours to wake us all up from our long winter’s nap. It’s inspiring and cheerful. And yet, both Sarah and I are consistently drawn to more muted tones. Maybe it’s because we love accessories and shoes so much. After all, a neutral palette in the dress can mean the freedom to add pops of colour everywhere else!

Sarah’s getting closer to her due date now and this flowy grey dress from Aritzia ( couldn’t possibly be easier to slip on. The lace and ruffle details on the dress keep it insteresting and of course, she punches things up with her accessories. Could her DVF bag be any more stylish? And, can you believe this gal is still rocking the (Alexander Wang) heels?? She is Mom-To-Be Goals, for sure!

As for me, welcome to my Uniform. Sure, it’s vintage Bally and I don’t take that casually, but I can’t begin to describe how everyday-comfortable I feel in this skirt & jacket combo. This beauty pairs well with EVERYTHING, from a plain white tank to a colourful print blouse. Can you see the jungle print in there? Just call me Dr. Livingstone (…I presume). He wore Yves Saint Laurent heels like mine while exploring Africa, right?

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