#SamePieceTwoWays: Pretty In Pink

Updated: Jul 30, 2018

In yet another bid to show you how we see things so differently, allow us to introduce, Same Piece, Two Ways. Between us, there may be vastly different style points-of -view but also, shared OBSESSION. Sure, our outfits tend to end up on opposite ends of the spectrum, but if you think that we don’t delve into each other’s closets and marvel at what we’d do with each other’s pieces, you are sorely mistaken. And, if you think we don’t walk into stores and reach for the same bag, or shoes, or jacket, or, or, or….

So, we came up with a plan to show you how two gals wear the same piece in two totally differently ways. We think it’s inspiring and creative. We hope you do too!

Our first prize was this darling bag from Mackage. She’s pink! Yet, she’s biker-cool with a blackened chain strap and the classic arrow closure. When we saw it, the collective word was basically: GIMME!

For me, pink’s perfect companion has always been black. Sure, this bag screamed out, ‘Throw on a pair of ripped jeans and a white tank!’ but that's just the way Same Piece Two Ways works...Sarah listened, and I went the other way!

I paired our little pink bag with an H&M skirt I can only describe as coquettish…flirty both in its transparency but also in it’s waist-cinching, bell-shaped outline. It needed nothing more than the most basic black camisole to finish the look. That, and conveniently matching pink lace-up heels I got from L’Intervalle last summer!

Sarah, normally not one to infuse too much colour into her wardrobe, saw the purse as a perfect complement to a dark green, floral Simons kimono ( Casual yet so chic because every piece just jived so well, a simple white Old Navy tank, H&M maternity jeans (the ONLY maternity piece in her outfit...isn't she just amazing?!?!?!) and neutral beige Nine West heels let the bag stand out. Somehow this outfit of many colours looked nothing short of smooth, calm and harmonious. Not to mention, maternity-perfect!

So, there you have it. #SamePieceTwoWays.

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