#OurTakeOnTrends: Floral...Lite

Updated: Jul 30, 2018

It's no surprise to find flowers blooming on boutique racks every summer. It's only natural that once the buds appear outside that designers would feel inspired to bring them inside and onto clothes come spring/summer. 

This week, #ourtakeontrends finds us actually not wearing florals super-differently from each other. While we both enjoy the trend, especially when it comes to dressing for city living, there’s a fine line where the colour schemes that often accompany floral patterns can turn, well, garish. I don’t think we even noticed it while shopping but neither of us gravitated to the super-brights, instead, opting for more muted, light colours and subtle floral patterns. Fear not though, there’s no mistaking the contrast in our styles!

Proving once again that being pregnant doesn’t have to mean a trip to the maternity store, Sarah put together a look that I just love. Something about the combination of her dress with her headscarf, pumps, bag and Ray-Ban aviators just evokes a feeling of coooool, though I can assure you, we were shooting on a super-hot day. It's an effortless ensemble. The dress was a fine floral grab from H&M (…go ’n get it!! Accessories make the outfit and Sarah certainly didn’t skimp. Purse by: Manufacturepascal (

As for me, it was a Lady Who Lunches look, all the way. A midi-length skirt somehow always evokes a feeling of polished elegance. Much like Sarah, I saw our floral theme without the loud colours; just an understated flower outline and some green leaves. I paired this Maison Simons pleated skirt ( with some vintage goodies; a navy lacy tee, a metallic leather belt and a fave pair of Sergio Rossi peep-toe pumps. Oh, and also, the cutest Kendall + Kyie purse ever. 

Now, being in the country is another story. With so many green trees and flowers around, we don't see the need to hold back on a little floral clothing to complement the outdoors. I found this cuties at Old Navy! Paired with a simple white linen blouse and summer's perfect espadrille (thank, L'Intervalle!) I was dressed for Vermont success.

“After women, flowers are the most divine creations.”-Christian Dior

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