#OurTakeOnTrends: Hermès on Heads & on Hips

Welcome to a recurring theme on @themondrianshift. We call it, #OurTakeOnTrends and it’s our way of showing you how two ladies with distinct styles wear current fashion fevers. We love to shop the season’s looks and style them to our individual tastes but what’s interesting is how different our end results seem to be. This is part of how The Mondrian Shift was born as we just love seeing how we each take a trend and make it our own. I’m always so inspired by how Sarah can put together a look; I just ADORE her interpretations. And, though I so often head in a different direction, Sarah loves the way I see what’s en vogue and translate it in my own way.

This first #OTOT is sort of a throwback to a classic style: the Hermès scarf. Long lauded as a status symbol, this forever favourite isn’t just to be tied around necks the way our mothers did. Today, whether it’s Hermès or not (wait, there are other silk scarf makers worth mentioning? Debatable…) the versatility of these kerchiefs seems endless.

Sarah, in her chic boho way, turned her Hermès into a headscarf. Though it seems a pity to EVER cover those incredible blonde locks of hers, I can’t help but love the way she channels an effortless, almost glam 70's look out of 4 simple articles of clothing. Don’t you just dream of yachts and island hopping when you see this outfit? Somehow the silk headscarf just ties the look of a crisp button-down, jean shorts & slides together while adding pure silk elegance.

Ugh, I hate admitting this but sometimes I prep-out. Maybe it’s my youth spent in a kilt + knee socks + penny loafers but It wasn’t much of a stretch for me to throw together this navy & white look. Wearing my Hermès as a belt was just the final touch…along with my vintage Gucci bag, of course. Is there anything so chic as navy & white in the spring? So sue me…it may not be cool to be preppy but I have to admit that sometimes it just feels SO right.

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