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Happy Anniversary to us!!!

It’s been a year since we started The Mondrian Shift and we’d like to thank you for your support. We’ve met some incredible and inspiring people along the way who have encouraged us to keep going, keep creating and stay true to ourselves.

That brings us to this announcement:

We’re renaming the blog & Instagram feed!

Let’s be honest, The Mondrian Shift was quite a mouthful so from that perspective, you’re welcome.

But further, creating our Instafeed & blog has been a work in progress for us and at this point it just feels right to tighten things up now that we’ve gotten our bearings here in the wide world of fashion social media.

So officially, meet The Shift.

We’re still all about fashion.

We’re still giving a nod to our favourite designer, YSL, whose Mondrian shift dresses inspired the first incarnation of our name.

But, this new version feels truer to ourselves, more concise & more modern.

It’s us now. 


Vivi & Sarah

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