How lucky are we? Our hometown of Montreal is ripe with creatives and we were so excited to play with yet another local jeweler’s goodies.

This time, it was Alex Prijic Smith’s incredible line, Vargas Goteo. This isn’t just fine jewelry; it’s bling designed with a message of social responsibility. Alex hand crafts each piece (!) with the aim of starting a dialogue about the importance of protecting animal wildlife and oceans. Plus, she directly supports those groups who defend and conserve.

As a jeweler, I’ve always appreciated workmanship. Trends come and go but true artistry is everlasting. Often, my favourite jewelry is antique because as the old adage goes: they don’t make ‘em like they used to. Well, Vargas Goteo sure does. Each piece is handmade and I loved layering the super-delicate outline Manta and Little Fin necklaces with the strong Rhino pendant.-V

The heft and boldness of the pink gold Tiger Shark ring I wore was, in a word, perfect. Each piece is conceptualized using Alex’s keen eye for detail. The message behind this lovely line of jewelry is SO important but I can’t help but marvel at and love the quality. -V

Alex is incredibly passionate about what she does and it shows in her designs. Also, she donates a portion of the proceeds from every piece she sells to wildlife conservation organizations. She’s one of those people who make you want to be a better person. Each of her pieces is inspired by nature in an abstract way, which is very up my alley. It’s like if leopard print were jewelry :) My absolute favorite is the manta ring, I’m now the proud owner of two of them, they look gorgeous stacked.-S

I also got creative with arranging her beaded bracelets, incorporating some silver in there too. Alex has produced a very well crafted collection, all her designs mix and match seamlessly: bold and delicate, gemstones and metals. I can tell I’ll be a lifelong customer. -S

Thanks so much, Alex!

We ADORE Vargas Goteo!

Sarah & Vivi


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