Why Is Two Better Than One?

Well, for obvious reasons, it sure makes this instagramming process easier! I photograph Sarah and she takes pics of me-duh.

We've been learning how to snap a goodie both aesthetically & technically-speaking as well as how to guide the each other so as to best show off our #ootfits. Sarah has far more experience than I do in this arena thanks to her work as a stylist but as in all aspects regarding TMS, we keep striving to improve and learning together makes that easier.

An early snap I took of Sarah

A more practiced photog now!

Next, my fashion-related favourite reason why ensemble is better than solo-style. For as long as I can remember, the preamble to an event or even just a night out has so often included this sentence: “So, what are you wearing?” Back when I had roommates, that pre-outing dance party + choosing of clothes may or may not have been even more fun that the evening itself. Going even further back to when I was a little girl, my euro-mum called it “moda shau” (translation: fashion show) cue to try on all options and give a twirl! So with that in mind, creating The Mondrian Shift together with Sarah is simply, FUN.

But back to a more philosophical reason we Shift à deux. Why two of us? If we’re stylistically so different then why is it relevant to be doing this together? It’s a question we’ve asked ourselves many times both to clarify our purpose but also in anticipation of being asked by others. Personally, I feel that showcasing our differences only serves to highlight and amplify our disparate (yet sometimes overlapping) tastes. Visually, it divides us and we think that makes our photos interesting. And when shopping, for example, having a business partner (#bp) who just knows that a piece is SO ME, is an indicator that there is a SO ME. Isn’t that cool?

It’s also why we started posting using a hashtag called #samepiecetwoways. Styling the same jacket or bag in our own distinct way helps us show you how fashion can be so very malleable.

Sarah's take on how to style this @mackage pink bag...

And, mine! SO different!

Initially, we began TMS by not including our faces in photos, partially in hopes that we would be creating a feed where our viewers would know us simply by our clothing style differences. Eventually, we threw that out as our faces are obviously part of what makes our looks come to life. And you, our audience, responded well! These changes and shifts (get it?) are all a part of our journey....together.


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